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First off, thanks to all contributors for making MagicSuggest such a great component!!

I try to give the credit where it is due. If I missed your contribution, please let me know (nicolasbize yodat!

Here are two ways you can help contribute to the project.


MagicSuggest is an open source project hosted on Github. You can help out by:

  • Finding and reporting bugs: If you find any issues, please report them here
  • Fixing bugs: Please submit patches for approval over at Github so that I can merge them with the current code.
  • Adding new features: If you feel that something important is missing from MagicSuggest, you may code the new feature and submit a patch for approval. Please note that the objective of the component is NOT to cover every single case out there so your patch may be refused if the feature is too specific. It's ok though, you can fork the project and make whatever changes you want to it, make it your own and keep it in sync with the latest changes in trunk. The MIT licence really allows you to do whatever you want with the component.


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