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The purpose of this tutorial is to walk through step-by-step and show you how the component can be used in your form.

Part 1: Setting up the project.

We will create some boilerplate HTML form rendered with Bootstrap 3.

1. Setting up a basic HTML form
2. Setting up some basic PHP to output the results

Part 2: Adding and displaying some data.

We will add some data into our MySQL database then display it.

1. Creating data for our combo
2. Displaying the data

Part 3: Instanciating the MagicSuggest component.

We will replace the checkboxes with our component.

1. Displaying data with the combo
2. Viewing the results when the form is submitted

Part 4: Using a custom renderer.

We will style the way that our component renders elements.

1. Using renderer
2. Using selectionRenderer

Part 5: Setting initial values and remote functions.

We will initialize the combo with some set values and remotely sort/trim the results.

1. Setting initial values
2. Remotely sorting and trimming the results